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Saison with Lime & Pink Pepper / 5.4%

The pink pepper, with lime tones in the background is a perfect compliment to the rough trait of yeast, giving a nice, fulfilling freshness. The citrusy flavour shows up again in your mouth, predicting a mild yet characteristic, bitter aroma. All day refreshing beer – great for the hot summertime.

Best served 6-8°


Vanilla Coffee Imperial Stout / 9.5%

Deep black beer with a brown and compact head. The coffee is the main actor thanks to the addition in the fermenter but the vanilla, added in beans, takes the scene as the beer warms up. The roasted malts gives to the beer a chocolate hint that pleasantly holds together everything and warms body and soul.

Best served 12-14°


Radicchio Amber Ale / 7.0%

Radikal is the combination of our amber ale Shut Up and the Radicchio dry leaves, coming from our Treviso region, added at the end of the boil.
The resulting beer has the typical Radicchio notes at the nose, while the beer is a perfec balance between the malty notes and the bitterness of the added Radicchio.

Best served 7-9°


Christmas Ale / 9.0%

A deep amber beer with red tones and a long lasting beige head. The first impression is of a complex and deep malt aroma with clear fruity notes from the Belgian yeast and the addition of bitter orange zest and cinnamon. The taste is perfectly balanced with a dry finish and a slight reminiscence of the liquorice roots. The alcohol content is perfectly hidden for a dangerous Christmas Ale.

Best served 9-11°

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